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Playground Tagging

Posted by PlayGroundology on August 6, 2008

It would be great if you could go on line and get information about local playgrounds. I’m thinking of a comprehensive round up for your community, photos of the equipment, public transit routes serving the site, an activities schedule, age groups for which the equipment is intended, by-laws around usage, leashed, unleashed, or no dogs and other pertinent facts that curious parent minds might want to know.

This project, if it comes to life, will succeed through a collaborative approach. The tools and platforms are there – digital cameras, Google Maps, blogs. I know of about a dozen playgrounds on the Halifax Peninsula – Noah-David and I, and more and more frequently Nellie-Rose, are inveterate playground questers, testers and when we like them, nesters. In the greater urban conglomeration there must be in excess of 50. Looks like it’s time to start planning for the marathon of playgrounds.

This playground tagging is a long term undertaking in the making. To quote a Grade 1 aspiring writer classmate of my brother’s, it will be “balls and balls and balls of fun” while at the same time providing a useful service.

At the family friendly local jo’s coffee emporium, Rachel’s mom was my unscientific public poll of one re this catalogue, directory of playgrounds. She thought parents would find it useful and said she would keep her eyes open for it on the web.

The prototype is up tonight. I’ve just laid down 5 markers. Over the next couple of days I’ll add text to each of the marker boxes and also get some photos posted. I’m also considering the possibility of launching an open blog where people can post playground stories.

There is still some learning to do on my end from the technical perspective. I also need to explore how to disseminate the information and invite others to collaborate. And as always there is the question of time and how much to invest….

At the very least, Noah, Nellie, Mé and myself will have barrels (closely related to balls I understand) of fun visiting playgrounds in the Halifax – Dartmouth area, playing on the equipment and taking a few photos. If we can generate some interest we may get to meet some new parents and kids.

I’d be eager to hear commentary on this and would be particularly interested in hearing from others who may be involved in similar projects.

Long live the playground!!

Take a moment to remember

63 years ago tens of thousands of people were vaporized in Hiroshima with the detonation of the A-bomb. Some died lingering deaths years later such as Sadako Sasaki. Tomorrow in many cities there will be outlines of silhouettes on sidewalks to remind people of Hiroshima’s horror. Sadako’s story is compelling and courageous – a great read for parents and kids alike. I’m just waiting for our copy to arrive at our local kid’s bookstore Woozles.


One Response to “Playground Tagging”

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