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A tenting we will go

Posted by PlayGroundology on July 10, 2008

Waddling along down by the river

Waddling along down by the river

The last 3 evening’s have had us bedding down in a different spot each night – the Hotel Classic in Québec City, a friend’s home in Val Bel Air and back to Sorel last night. It’s a lot of travel and not totally conducive to the kids, or ourselves, keeping regular hours. It calls for flexibility and at times huge heaping helpings of patience particularly when papa, or maman, and the kids are getting strung out at the same time.

We didn’t go to The Wailers show because of rain threatening from nasty darkening thunder clouds drifting in over the river on Monday evening. It was my biggest disappointment of the trip to date – I was really looking forward to hearing those Bob Marley tunes with our little guy. Ah well, there will be more shows………

We compressed those Québec City days and expanded our fun – time with family, excellent entertainment, playgrounds, swimming, visiting Mélanie’s old friends and even a quiet walk in dripping humidity at Parc de la plage de Jacques Cartier at Cap-Rouge just west of the bridges that span the St. Lawrence. No trip would be complete without a saunter through le Vieux – it’s not hard to understand why the city has a UNESCO heritage designation.

Tomorrow is our first camping trip of the season and it promises to be a great day. The Dicaire family is getting together at Réjean’s Lac Mégantic camp. There will be 15 or 20 people on hand for a BBQ, campfire, beverages and some serious baby squeezing as all of Nicole’s family will want to get a little hug time with Nellie-Rose and a little giggle time with Noah-David.

Nicole and Raymond, Mélanie’s parents, have been getting Noah pumped for the camping trip all day. There have been a couple of runs to the grocery store, food preparation and a review of some of the necessary camping supplies – bed rolls, blankets, towels and other sundry. This has been bubbling away at the back of Noah’s mind has since he was first made aware of the trip. Earlier in the week when told that we’d be camping out at a friend’s place, his first question on entering the apartment was, “where’s the tent?” He’s primed.

Besides the woods, lakes and the small town, Lac Mégantic reaches for the heavens with an observatory that’s open to the public. As we’re staying only the one evening a field trip to the stars may not really the most social option we could choose – unless we can get a group of us to visit..

The weather folk are predicting sun over the next couple of days – the corn will be stretching, the hummingbirds pollinating and we’ll be swimming, floating and boating. For us it will be a one day nature fix as Mélanie and the kids head back to Sorel and I make my way to Toronto to visit my oldest daughter Makyla for 4 days. It’s been just about a year since we’ve seen each other. It will do my heart well for us to spend some time together.


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