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Sun is shining – well almost

Posted by PlayGroundology on June 28, 2008


Noah and I are practising tandem eye opening this week. He’s always been an early riser. I have been too the last few years. His wake up flag runs up the pole anywhere between 10 to and 10 after 6h00. I’m usually up at 5h00, sometimes 4h00 but this week it’s been mostly around Noah o’clock.


I love the almost stillness, the birdsong fresh on morning’s lilting breeze. Today is monotone grey with a low ceiling. The sun is shining, just not here, not now. If we could get a peek above the the stacking cloud cover at maybe 3 or 4 thousand feet we’d know that the sun hadn’t really forsaken us.


Noah-David and I float up the stairs in a relative bubble of quiet. This is partly possible because he’s drawn snug to my chest, my arms wrapped tightly around his little torso and waist. Just surfacing from sleep he’s warm and soft to touch, full of the sweetness of new possibilities.


We leave Maman and Nellie-Rose side-by-side in the cool curtained basement a curled apostrophe and a loving cupped crescent. They will sleep for another couple of hours with any luck. They both need it as Nellie’s restless night moves nudge and push at Mélanie making the deep replenishing zzzzzzs as elusive as the perfect day.


Round and roundBy 6h20 Noah and I are dressed, buckled into the Sentra and halfway to downtown as we scarf down a banana. Not much activity in early morning Sorel. We don’t see more than a handful of people in Carré Royal – the main square – and the streets leading off of it. But there are squirrels. The one that we come upon puts on a good show of being unfazed by our presence. As we approached it had been digging with its forearms in fresh dirt. Our arrival sent it off to the lower reaches of a tree trunk where Noah’s pursuit had it spiralling around and around like a barber pole’s endless stripes just out of reach of childish laughter and pitter-pattering feet. 



SurpriseWe came across 2 still water fountains no jets shooting in the air, no streams plummeting back to earth just quiet unbroken mirror surfaces. Noah poked his head over the lip of the second fountain to see what was on the bottom and a surprise whoosh of water sent him jumping back about 6 inches. He was as shocked by this turn of events as he had been focused looking through the water’s smooth surface. Seems there is an automatic on switch timed for 7h00 at the town fountains. I’ll need to remember that for future outings. Noah probably won’t be quite so quick to peer over the edge.


One dépanneur is open. A man with a fishing rod over his shoulder unlocks a chain link gate and walks through to the mouth of the Richelieu River to make that first cast of the day. At 7h00 there’s an employee waiting to hand over some keys to the morning shift at Presse Café but nobody shows to open. We pass back at 7h30 and the girl is still outside now joined by a friend, a workmate – still not open. I’m curious about the hours because they have wireless internet. I’m hoping we can all pop in some day for a coffee, a cake and a surf.


C\'est fouWe did see a boat this morning pulled high and dry out of the Richelieu. These are some of the things that Noah finds funny and as he recounts it, c’est fou. Boats are for water. We discover the Sorel Tim’s and wrap things up there sharing a plain toasted bagel as we drive back to rue Hébert.


Nellie-Rose and maman have just woken up but aren’t totally out of bed. We’re lucky because that means that there is still some time for those start of the day serendipity moments. We fall back almost weightless on the welcoming bed to laugh and laze and giggle…..









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