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Dogs, fireworks and Teddy

Posted by PlayGroundology on June 26, 2008

Noah-David was like a whirligig in a summer storm – perpetual movement, arms flying, body spinning round and round like a whistling top. Our boy was a bundle of stories that just had to be told. Sound effects, gesticulations, hurried breaths punctuated a 20 minute non-stop saga encapsulating the life and times of Noah-David Cordeau Smith over the previous 24 hours or so.


Tuesday night’s trip to Ste. Pie figured prominently. It was a family gathering to celebrate la Saint-Jean. “Kaboom”, said Noah – “green, red, orange, yellow!” He liked the fireworks well enough but they were a little loud. Once inside a car he was more comfortable and thought the cascading colours were like hands bursting open in the night sky.


Earlier that evening he and the Ste. Pie dog discovered each other. All indications are that it was love at first sight. It’s a tiny dog that loves to yip, run, dodge, dart and play – the same basic modus operandi that powers toddlers. Some walking took place. Even though he had the leash in his hands, we’re not entirely sure if Noah was walking the dog, or if Nemo was walking Noah. They also played some hide and seek with Noah, little hands cupped over eyes, counting to 10 and beyond. It seems that Nemo’s barking was the perfect beacon to lead a giggling little boy to a propellor tail rendez-vous each and every time.


There was a dramatic weather recap too with a recounting of rain, thunder, lightening and rainbows. He’s an engaging storyteller who wants his listeners to understand where he’s been, what he’s experienced and the role he’s played in the unfolding events.


Nellie-Rose is becoming a conversationalist running her own salon so to speak. She’s not very fussy about the fcompany she invites – seems any extended family member will do. Her new refrain is, “ay-ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya”. She introduces subtleties of varied tempo and increasing and decreasing volume to keep us all on the ball. When encouraged – and I love to encourage her because it’s just so much fun to watch and listen to her as she builds up steam – she can sustain a 10 minute call and answer exchange a broad, toothless smile taking up nearly her entire little face.


She’s definitely on the talking trail with us now. Her lit up face, her bright dancing eyes and that sunshine smile are all clearly calling out, “I’m talking with you now, I’m talking, telling stories for you.” The fact that we can’t understand her is just a minor glitch that’s sure to be cleared up in the coming months.


It was the Teddy – Noah reunion yesterday too. There was general happiness, hugs and Teddy been thrown in the air and most of the time ably caught in Noah’s arms. A few hours after the reunion, Noah passed by Teddy lying on a bed downstairs. He glanced over crooning “Teddy” in a sweet voice and then hopped onto the mattress pulling Teddy into his arms for a roll, a squeeze and a caress. The spontaneous release of affection was cute and endearing.


I also brought with me a Kim Possible helicopter picked up years ago from some fast food joint. It used to be Alexa’s and with a little soap and water it looked, and smelled, almost like new even after having spent years in the basement. Noah has a thing for helicopters and this one has been even a bigger hit than anticipated. It’s going to be bed with him and has been almost constantly in his hands since yesterday afternoon. It’s really got something going for it – 2 moving parts that make noise. Dropping form the undercarriage there`s an emergency rope with a grappling hook. When this rope is pulledout all the way, it starts to get pulled back up in to the body of the helicopter by the forece of the rotating blades. At 50 I find the simplicity and design pretty awesome. That rope has already been pulled in excess of a couple of hundred times in the last 24 hours and it’s still humming along.


More to tell about bike rides, horses, spitting, playgrounds and living out of a suitcase in future posts.




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