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New worlds, new times

Posted by PlayGroundology on June 23, 2008

Alexa’s at prom tonight and 2 days from now she’ll walk across the stage as part of the first graduating class from Citadel High in Halifax. It’s been a great couple of weeks for her, a bit of cramming for finals, spotty attendance in class to finish those last assignments and of course hanging with friends planning for the bal des finissants.

This afternoon their group of 8 couples along with 5 other high schools strutted their stuff in the Public Gardens. I’ve never seen it so crowded though it must be similar every mid-June. This time I noticed – it was our time and the parents were out in strength to see their sons and daughters, to wish them well, and to reflect on those days years ago when they were on the brink of release, on the edge of a new adventure.

Cameras were de rigueur and thousands of frames were taken. There were the expected poses – groups, couples, combos with parents and then the unexpected, unrehearsed candid shots that captured anticipation, the unstudied joy of moving on. Some are off to university, some to work, some to travel – all to make that on my own path thing.

Last week there was a vernissage for the grade XII Art class – what a display of seeing, of interpreting our world. There was nothing like it where I went to high school, no opportunity to encourage, to validate this kind of creativity. Alexa’s canvass that she had worked on for weeks was in the streetfront window of Eye Level Gallery and I saw it again as I drove by tonight. I see her in our backyard spray painting with Noah-David beside her wondering what is this, wondering what fun……

I’ll pick up 2 couples at 3h30 tonight. It’s a safe grad and no one escapes without a drive. It’s been a contentious topic of conversation amongst the grads for several weeks questioning why they had to be subjected to this babysitter mentality. I never really showed my cards but I’m happy the school has embarked on this policy. It should mean all kids safe, all kids sound, no tragedies, no grieving parents. I remember grieving parents from my time – children killed in rocketing drunk car accidents.

It’s been a great couple of weeks for Alexa and I, nothing special or spectacular just hanging and being – a wonderful veggie nachos night, several great films and a couple of laugh-filled episodes of That’s 70s Show – a favourite for both of us.

I’m going to miss my girl as she leaves the cocoon. We’ve had our wranglings – to be sure but as I put my head down to the pillow to rest, to dream I see her as a little girl and me as a dad trying to do my best. It looks like it’s ok……..

Tomorrow I go to Montreal to love ma belle Mélanie dancing, dancing, dancing as we whisper the night away. We’ll be celebrating la Saint-Jean with bright eyes and love sweet love. The next day it will be a hug, a love, a tickle, a smile, a laugh, a how could I have been without you with mon beau Noah-David and ma belle Nellie-Rose.

More from le pays bleu……


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