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Nellie-Rose the Colic Queen

Posted by PlayGroundology on June 21, 2008

The wonderful and talented Nellie-Rose has not been getting much marquee time in 180 Days of Magic. I’ll be looking to turn this situation around and share some more about our little lovely. First off, let me tell you that she’s been more than a handful – at times maybe 4 or 5 handfuls when there haven’t been that many to go around.

For the first 4 1/2 months of her life our wee Nellie-Rose was wracked, convulsed and contorted with the colic. She was a colic queen without ever wanting to be one. Just now remembering, it gives me a sense of dread, tension shooting through the air, patience rapidly eaten away to be left with a huge helping of impotence.

Caught in the middle of the colic chronicles there just seemed to be nothing we could do to ease Nellie’s pain or bolster our endurance. There was no magic bullet – not rocking, hugging, cuddling, walking, cooing, jiggling, cocooning, caressing. To make matters worse, I didn’t have the touch. Whenever I tried to console our little girl the writhing picked up tempo, the banshee cry upped an octave and she stiffened like a plank of wood. Mélanie could calm her on occasion, momentarily bringing respite but the weight was primarily on her and it was a lot to take.

Nellie’s contortions and gyrations scrambled our nerves. I cannot imagine what all this did to her.

This was our reality every evening for months – usually 3 times a night starting at about 19h00 and winding up at about 23h00. It was hard to endure, difficult to maintain perspective. It didn’t have much impact on Noah-David. He just continued about his business. For me it was the most stressful experience I’ve had with kids and I had it easy given that I was out of the house all day long – I got a break.

We’re so thankful that the demon colic is behind us. On its cessation, almost overnight but spread over about a week of diminishing pain, a whole new world opened up. We were able to play, to see the blossoming personality, to relax into a new kind of caring and loving. I can’t recall the number of times that I said to family, friends and colleagues that it was as if we had a new child. Nellie-Rose became much more engaged with us, her surroundings and her inquisitive nature endeared her to us.

Since the colic retreated Nellie has shown her love of the tactile – she wants to touch everything. Instead of wails of despair she talks incessantly, intent on getting her point across. She is playful, laughing and smiling, eyes seeing all the fun her brother creates. These really are new beginnings. Since I left work in early May we’ve become much more connected. I love to have her in my arms, to change her, dress her and tickle her with cuddles until there is no tomorrow.

These past days that we’ve been apart she’s looked at me in a puzzled way on Skype, both of us flattened video images. She has picked up though at the sound of my voice and for my part I melt when I see her. I’ll be so happy to have the little Nellie bundle in my arms, on my belly, in my lap that for a moment my world will stop and just be.

More news of the amazing Nellie-Rose in future posts – stay tuned.

NoteI don’t want to blow the colic experience out of proportion. I know that there are other much more serious infant maladies. I just want to say thanks to Mélanie and all the other mothers of colicky children who continue to care for their ailing kids while ensuring that those sometimes thin strands of sanity don’t unravel. As for Nellie-Rose and the other infants, bravo you’ve weathered a rough start to the world and come through as champions.

Newfoundlanders always have a fine sense of humour. Take a peek at this perspective on colic from The Rock.

Leaving on another high note:

Pinkies plus eight

i kiss exquisite toes
lingering wriggles on my lips
ten perfectly sugared piggies
dancing on their tips

i taste delicious toes
watering morsels in my mouth
ten fragrant smiling petals
blossoming down south

i dream laughing toes
tickling twinkles in my eyes
ten warm happy babies
for our nellie-rose surprise


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