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School’s out, just about

Posted by PlayGroundology on June 12, 2008

Can’t get Alice’s tune out of my head. That mid-70s anthem just rocked high school kids waiting for the magic day of release and long adventurous summers to embrace. The old golfing shock rocker is Halifax bound again in the fall. Don’t have a copy of School’s Out so I had to make do with a few other Alice classics this afternoon as I prepped for domestic blissing to get our on-the-market house ready for another viewing.

The cleaning binge presented lots of opportunity to feel the absence of Mélanie and the sprogs – like that wasn’t already happening. There was laundry to put away, beds to make, toys to tidy, books to shelve but no tiny eyes there to drink in favourite stories.

It was good to see the gang earlier in the day on skype. There was Noah-David sitting on the piano bench at his grandparents’ giving me the lowdown on selected moments of his adventure in Québec. There was the now de rigueur spirited rendition of Sur le pont d’Avignon this time with Yamaska subbing in. This is our lad’s number 1 tune and he’s owning it, introducing the new places he comes across and making magic memories.

His school sortie with grandpapa kinda went awry or awe-ree as I used to pronounce it. As soon as he caught sight of a clown it was over, time to leave, to put distance between him and that scary unknown. Chalk up one for the clowns. What is their terrifying hold over the wee ones? We’re going to have to try to overcome, immunize, and inoculate against this fear if we’re to consider a Cirque de Soleil show…..

School is out in a matter of days for my 18-year-old daughter Alexa and her pals. They’re just about ready to burst, to get to the promming, graduating and the leaping into the great post-high school thing.

We hung out yesterday, some quality moving into adulthood teen time – shopping for food at the grocery store and at home watching Into the Wild. It’s a harrowing tale of uncompromising tenacity – running fast, running far, running away and then falling without intent, falling forever into the light. Great music by Eddie Vedder. I had tears in my eyes, moisture on my cheeks. As Mélanie notes I’m a real sucker for the Hollywood machine with Scottish epics high in my vulnerability zone – Braveheart anyone?

Noah-David told me about his arc-en-ciel with all the red, orange, yellow, green and blue flying out of lightening thunder sky to sparkle sunshine prism colours across his eyes. He got a new toy of plastic vegetables and is now a salad making machine. He’s got the energy to be a chef because from his vantage point everyone – Noah, Nellie and maman slept well through the night.

I can’t believe how quiet it is, how unfull of pattering feet and noiseless of little Nellie’s pre-word language conversation. I imagine you all here with tumbling voices, rolling smiles and rocking heel-to-toe races – just waiting to be together again.


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