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Round and round I go

Posted by PlayGroundology on June 10, 2008

TIRED – not really, more like exhausted, zapped, wild-eyed, mort debout. Since Monday night at 21h30 AST I’ve done the boomerang Halifax-Edmunston-Halifax trip. Pounding the macadam by car west and north and then by bus south and east. Just collapsed inside my door Tuesday at 19h00. It was a touch of self-imposed sleep deprivation for a good cause.

The objective – get Mé and the sproglets to Sorel to surprise her parents and make sure that Mé has someone – me. me, me – to drive halfway so she’ll be awake and alert for the trials and tribulations of the 20 when she takes the wheel. It worked, everyone’s safe and at their final destination. They turned off the ignition in Sorel at 12h30 AST

Outward bound Noah-David asked 15 minutes into the journey – “rendu“? Turns out that we didn’t have to worry about a constant echoing refrain of “nearly there yet” as he asked only once more. The kids were golden sleeping much of the caffeine-fueled 2 province marathon.

The wheels on the busWe arrived this morning at 6h05 in the trusty Nissan Sentra charger. After topping up the steed I gave the kids a squeeze and smooched my Mélanie of Québec before hopping a cab the 5 or 6 blocks to the Acadian Lines bus terminal. It had just opened at 6h00. No passengers when I arrived, just staff.

Mé, Nellie-Rose and our main boy Noah-David tracked back to the Trans-Canada to ride the grey morning light west, west, west. Cool in Edmunston but cracking summer heat and heavy wet pushed the lovely 3 to Québec while less than seasonable temps swept me east through the rolling Appalachians, across lowlands, marshes and valleys all the way back to Halifax.

I was worried all the time on the bus hoping that everything would be fine. It’s no joke being the only adult cruise controlling at 100 plus for hundreds of kilometres with 2 babies out of reach but well within earshot.

No need to worry. Noah-David sang heartily his many variations of Le pont d’Avignon which includes the bridges of Halifax, Quebec, le monde entier and many other venues fanciful and real. When he wasn’t singing, he was a conversationalist pointing out front end loaders and other matters of import for the toddler set. Nellie-Rose has just started protracted and intense vocalizing within the last couple of days so she too was able to join in on the discussion.

For Mélanie it was one of the best days she had with the kids. Nellie is now proving her mettle in the travel friendly category. After this trip and San Diego she is pretty much a confirmed habitué. Noah has been back and forth a half-dozen times to Québec, done a jaunt to Florida with maman and was a great trans-Atlantic traveller on a Scotland trip when he just turned 1. He’s got his traveling chops, the bona fides, the seal of approval.

Tomorrow Noah-David is going to school with Granpapa Raymond. It’s a special day for the kids – end of year – with acrobats, jugglers and no end of fun, The next day he goes with la tante TiTi. Her school is having a special visit with firemen. He’s really hit the jackpot and what’s more he’ll be visiting la tante Danielle and her horses. And let’s not forget the little one. Granpapa Raymond and Granmaman Nicole have been reunited with the new, improved Neliie-Rose. More on this in a later post.

We chatted tonight on the phone and tomorrow we’ll skype and see. Tonight I’m too tired to miss them. Tomorrow the house will be so empty.


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