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Waiting for Teddy

Posted by PlayGroundology on June 6, 2008

Noah and TeddyTeddy is missing in action. So much for our thoughts of having done a pretty decent job of keeping our belongings together during the 2 week San Diego jaunt. Teddy – pronounced tedee – is motley brown, a little bedraggled and Noah-David’s constant bedtime companion. That is until he was inadvertently abandoned in coastal southern California.

Though Noah had a strong attachment to the bear he was easily comforted and persuaded to accept a replacement – a much cuter bear in my view adorned with unbelievably soft blue fur – that has inherited the name of its predecessor.

When we first broke the news, our young lad was a little shocked and saddened. He adamantly repeated to us on a couple of occasions, tears pooling in his eyes but not flowing, “but teddy is mine, teddy is mine”. It was as if having us agree and understand this state of the world would somehow miraculously reverse an unthinkable turn of events.

We contacted the hostel and confirmed that indeed teddy was there. In fact there were 2 so at least he had some company prior to getting packaged up for his transcontinental journey by mail. He still hasn’t arrived. I am disappointed each day there is no parcel notification in our mailbox. I am anticipating the grand reunion – hugs, smiles and excited bursts of language. Time to call the hostel today and get an update.

I remember a blue teddy from my own childhood back when I was about Noah’s age. I don’t remember him as new. His fur was worn, his limbs had lost their stiffness. His eyes though never lost their shine. They were glass – black in the centre with a surrounding hazel brown ring. He was stuffed with straw and I think he had an embroidered smile. I can’t recall the emotional bond that we had but I’m sure we were companions looking out from our vantage point at the big, big world beyond.

We’re waiting for teddy and hope he arrives home soon. 


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