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Ready to Welcome Lord Stanley to Halifax and Sorel

Posted by PlayGroundology on June 4, 2008

Noah-David, Home IceSince les Canadiens’ chances were torpedoed by the Flyers, we’ve temporarily switched our allegiances to the Penguins. We’ve got 2 home town boys to root for: from Mélanie’s Sorel, Québec it’s the incredible goaltending of Marc-André Fleury; and, from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia it’s number 87, Sidney Crosby. Monday night’s overtime extravaganza had us kind of zapped yesterday – almost reminiscent of our California time zone shifting.

Noah-David is already an ardent hockey fan. He’s been watching all the playoff action with us. For him it’s synonymous with staying up late, national anthems and devouring popcorn. He’s loved the game since shortly after he’s been able to walk. His Grandpapa Raymond gave him 2 small plastic souvenir sticks just big enough for a lad of his size to actually play with running up and down the halls of our house.

He got the fever so bad that for several weeks when he just short of 18 months, the first word out of his mouth in the morning shouted from his crib was “hockey”. This was our signal to get him out of bed so he could hit the floor and do some fancy stickhandling for les Canadiens

Noah’s enthusiasm has remained constant over the past year and we continue to play shinny in our hallways. He doesn’t necessarily need a companion to play will with. However, if he’s playing solo he does like an audience. I suppose I’ve encouraged this by providing a play-by-play of sorts when it’s the 2 of us running up and down the halls. 

On a recent solo outing, he asked Mélanie to come and watch him play. She gave a little applause at the outset and waited for the action. Noah-David let her know that there would have to be some singing first before he could start. As Mélanie sang ‘O Canada’, Noah placed the blade of his stick flat on the floor while he stood at attention. When the song ended, he peeled down the hallway – the game was officially underway.

We’ll be up late again tonight hoping that the Penguins will find the juice to force the 7th game and bring Lord Stanley’s cup on tour to Halifax and Sorel. Of course next year we’ll be back with les Canadiens. It’ll be a new season and the first winter that Noah will lace up a pair of skates……

As we’re on the topic, let’s not forget there’s a strong case to recognize Windsor, Nova Scotia as the birthplace of hockey. Other great Windsor claims to fame are Sam Slick, pumpkins and Mermaid Theatre.


One Response to “Ready to Welcome Lord Stanley to Halifax and Sorel”

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