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36 and Stripped of all Pretense

Posted by PlayGroundology on June 2, 2008

Mé at FrenchysFrenchys celebrated its 36th anniversary today by giving patrons 36% off on all merchandise at all locations. For those of you who don’t live in Atlantic Canada, Guy’s Frenchys is a much loved second hand clothing outlet that processes thousands of pounds of clothes per day.

There’s always a deal to be had from brand name clothing like the London Fog winter coat we got today for Noah-David to obscure books that I wouldn’t actively search for but once they get in my hands I can’t let go.

Clothes are displayed on iron coat hangers and in wooden bins to be sifted, sorted and selected. Everything is a bargain and it’s easy to find value for money. Mélanie has bought virtually all of Noah-David’s pants, shirts and sweaters at a variety of Frenchys throughout the province. After today’s excursions, Nellie-Rose’s needs will be looked after for several months with a few special articles that will be set aside for her when she gets older.

I think it’s fair to say that those who like Frenchys like it a lot. The chain has inspired Pat Wilson and Kris Wood, 2 Nova Scotian women, to write Pardon My Frenchy’s and The Frenchy’s Connection books that explore the special attraction of cruising for bargains. That’s a brand sticking like velcro.

Mélanie has a discerning eye and the patience required to examine a lot of merchandise. It has paid off with great wardrobes for the kids and the satisfaction of really making a dollar stretch. Vive Frenchys – Long Live Frenchys!


One Response to “36 and Stripped of all Pretense”

  1. […] got some new clothes today – new via previous owners and Frenchys. Maman showed me each item of clothing, little pants, tops, sweaters – all so cute. See you […]

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