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Home again, home again jiggety-jig

Posted by PlayGroundology on May 26, 2008

It’s been quite an eventful week since we checked back into the Halifax digs. We had a quiet family celebration for Mélanie’s birthday. Carla is coming in tonight to baby sit so we can get out for a meal and create a little oasis of time to enjoy each other’s company and indulge ourselves. We should be getting away on our own more frequently.

Noah-David was brimming over with the excitement of maman’s bonne fête. He proudly presented her with a caramel apple for a present. Later in the day Noah participated as only he can in the pièce de résistance, the making of the cupcakes. For our lad, this means diving elbow deep in the cupcake mix to divert significant quantities from bowl to belly.

The birthday glow is still in the air and balloons seem to be bouncing effortlessly from room to room and populating the entire house. This may be a cornerstone of Noah’s new manifesto of fun, “a balloon for every room”.

Our house went on the market just as we went on holidays. This first week back we had 6 showings in 3 days. Realtors advise that everything has to be just so when you’re having strangers in for a peek and poke around. Mélanie invested a huge effort prior to the San Diego trip to bring everything up to the fabled just so level. It’s hard work to maintain that sheen and there’s sprucing up on short notice that has to be done in advance of every viewing. The house hunting and selling saga continues.

We were the sorry looking pink eye gang this week. Each of us had the nasty, gooey conjunctivitis blues. It seems to be pretty well on its way to being cleared up after a prescription treatment. It’s hard with little ones though with the constant hands to eyes, hands to eyes movement. Here’s hoping it’s on the mend.

A couple of firsts for Noah-David this week – one random and one planned. He got his first sting. The wasp got him on his little foot as he was out by the back door playing. I ran out to see what the crying commotion was about and it took me a little while to piece it together. I asked what happened, was it this, was it that? He responded “no” each time while pointing and saying. “there”. I finally saw the wasp gaggling about in its death dance. I’m not proud to say it but I helped dispatch it. After the initial crying jag and some cuddles, Noah calmed down. He was a pretty brave little fellow in my eyes.

We checked in with a speech language pathologist this week too. We’ve been a little concerned about a lack of clearness in Noah’s pronunciation. Noah just loved to demonstrate what he knew to the woman who gave him the screening tests. He was fully engaged in the exercises and was eager to move through the questions. It was all of a very playful nature – “look, I don’t think you’re going to be able to find anything to stump me, you can try of course but…”

English resource material was used at this appointment. We’ve got a follow up that will focus on French language skills which is Noah’s primary language. His comprehension and vocabulary are functioning at high levels in both languages.

Back to normal routines – visits to the Natural History Museum and Public Gardens, swinging away life’s worries on the Ardmore Park swings and the Mom and kids visits. There’s a lot to do and be responsible for being at home with the children and I’m starting to get a better appreciation of what it all entails.



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