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Halifax bound, de retour

Posted by PlayGroundology on May 20, 2008

We had great times in San Diego. There was time to make acquaintances at the hostel and in passing during our daily adventures. Time too to see that biases about American self-centredness were generally unfounded. There was time for Noah-David to discover new worlds. For Mélanie and I there was time to hold hands, slow down and to have more fun with our two babies. There was time to get lost, to hear the planes and the parrots, to ride the buses and walk the beaches, to drink coffee and eat mangoes. There was time………….

We took the Surfliner north to LA early Saturday afternoon – tired babies and fatigued parents starting out on the reverse trek, SanD to Halifax. In those moments when we were stretched we often ran across people who had great things to say about the kids, who remarked on how special they were and engaged with them in any play they could. We got a blast of this at the LA train station from the baggage attendee and the airport bus driver. Their words juiced us up until we got to the LAX Radisson. 

It was a good night at LAX. Noah-David and I swam in the heated outdoor pool for 30 to 45 minutes. He was all smiles and laughter enjoying being out in the almost dark. The 3h45 wake-up was a little rude but we managed to snap out of our sleep and keep the babes slumbering as long as possible. The airport itself was line after line after line. It took over an hour to actually check in and go through security.

The skies were clear blue for much of the first leg of the journey and we flew over a stunning variety of topography – ocean beaches, deserts, salt flats, mesas, table lands, snow capped mountains, farm lands. I couldn’t keep my eyes away from the window or my fingers from clicking image after image.

4 1/2 hours after take-off we taxied in to Toronto’s Pearson. Little Nellie-Rose had been fussing for about the last hour of the flight and Noah-David was making more frequent forays into the tear zone. We really couldn’t get ourselves home quick enough at this point. A check through customs and a jiggity-jig to the next departure lounge and we were just 2 1/2 hours or so – air and ground travel time – from our own beds.

My folks picked us up at the airport as we didn’t have sufficient space to pack everything in our car. Helen, my mom, had home baked muffins and a special cookie treat for Noah. The kids got lots of pinches, smiles and squeezes and took it all in their stride. My dad Bob got in some fine Nellie nestling moments when we went for our bags. Truth be told I think the kids were very happy to see familiar faces, family faces.

It wasn’t too long before we dropped to bed, dropped to our Halifax earth, dropped to our zone.



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