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Adios SanD

Posted by PlayGroundology on May 17, 2008

Mission Beach3h45 and baby Nellie-Rose has a fever as we head into our last full CA day. She was sniffling throughout the morning and afternoon and was congested since going to bed. Noah-David is up in the middle of the night, restless, fidgety, unable or unwilling to roll over and do the sleep thing. He hears the 3h57 after getting his drink of water and vaults – if that can be said of moving quickly on your knees in a cramped space – over to the window to peer out into the dark night sky. No words – perhaps he missed the lights and his opportunity to exclaim, as only he can, “boooteeful”. After much tossing, turning, back rubbing and cuddles he succumbs again to nodville at 4h55.

I pull the clothes out of the washer and get them drying, cook up 6 eggs for sandwiches, boil 6 more and get my morning coffee cranked. We’re on the road back east today – tiny steps just SanD to LA. The anticipation of the unknown won’t be present with us in the same way. The only real new in the next couple of days will be departing from LAX.

Colleen is here with her welcome early morning cheer. Great personality to get things rocking at the start of the day. She’s friendly but also no nonsense – you wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. Her swipe card wouldn’t work this morning so she had to give Dave on his day off a ring to get into the office. These were the 2 staffers I connected most with – both down to earth and relatively outgoing without being overwhelming.

Need to jump into a shower before the hot water is all sucked dry in the morning dash to cleanliness. Get back to this on the northbound Surfliner if the Noah lad does any sleeping.



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