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Los playas, les plages, beach, beach, beach

Posted by PlayGroundology on May 16, 2008

Today is our last full day in San Diego. Just as we ready to pack our bags, the sun has arrived cracking hot. The standard weather forecast from locals has been, “May, gray – June, gloom”. Our days were a fairly consistent mix of gray gloom but very enjoyable nonetheless. Throwing the sun into the mix has been like letting the party out of the box. It’s made possible a whole new appreciation and understanding of Ca-li-for-nia…………. I’m now in the sway of those easy listening America tunes which I’ve been hearing on an internal loop track for the past couple of days.

We got personally mobile yesterday with our very own compact rental automobile. We headed straight for Mission Beach, a trip of maybe 5 kilometres from Point Loma HI but oh so much easier and quicker by car than by transit. We did the boardwalk – one side abuts the beach and the other a series of vacation rentals/condos overlooking the Pacific.

We could almost feel the sun crackling our pale, winterized skin as we walked to the sound of the surf pushing our Noah-David and snugglying our Nellie-Rose. The boardwalk was crowded with strollers, bikers, bladers, joggers – a great place to celebrate the outdoors. About 25 metres offshore were pods of 3 and 4 dolphins diving and surfacing, seemingly watching our more gravity bound progress. Above us small groups of pelicans were either coming back to shore, or heading out to fish with their strong measured wing beats and formation flying. Sea and sky came together in a soft heat shimmering pastel focus.

The kids eventually woke up after the long walk and we took a quick stroll over to the mini-amusement ground – a roller coaster, a carousel, a submarine ride and a few other old-time type rides. Maman and Noah-David tamed the bucking broncos on the merry-go-round and we all had some cotton candy – barbe à papa – to share. An added bonus on this excursion was big brother Bob Marley shirts for the 4 of us.

More sand, sea and surf after supper as Noah and I headed down for a guys night out at Ocean Beach. We got a rockin’ parking space immediately opposite the beach just off of Newport Avenue. Noah was wearing his sporty new one-piece swimsuit, all pistachio green and summer sky blue. He looks fantastic – as one woman on the pier said, “he should be on a postcard”.

Before hitting the beach we grabbed a quick ice cream cone – strawberry for Noah and chocolate for me. Fortified with dairy and sugars we made our way down to the high tide surf. The waves were pretty big and after the second, or third washed up around Noah’s waist with some considerable force and his face was liberally doused with salt spray, he opted to nestle in papa’s arms. We swayed together like that, hugging and holding, watching the surging surf wash around my legs, tracking the skybound planes jetting across the Pacific just quietly being and loving each other.

We left beachside with Noah on my shoulders and climbed the stairs to the longest pier on the west coast. We sauntered along and saw people reeling in sea bass pulled out of the water 20 metres below. The sunwas sinking rapidly and the lad was developing a chill though he wouldn’t fess up even when asked. When we reached the end of the line the sun was just slipping below the horizon and there was a tearful admission of being cold. A quick hug and toweling and a change of clothes washed away the tears and we walked a smiley, happy boy riding high on shoulders back to land.

The sky was dark when we pulled into Udall St. It was time to run in and see the girls and have a bowl of cereal before a camp down for the night.

Today’s adventures are just about to begin under blue San Diego skies.


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