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Baby Magic

Posted by PlayGroundology on May 13, 2008

Fancy DancingBabes in arms and toddlers are such conversation starters. They pull on the universal heartstrings and show us, if only for that presto, magic moment, that bright eyes and a smile can light up the world.

In the last couple of days traveling on public transit we’ve met a few people thanks to Noah and Nellie. For some the wide eyes of wonder and innocence brought them back to a time when they clasped little hands and danced tickling fingers across bellies.

I’m sure the couple from Pennsylvania was cruising that memory terrain. Mister is in his 80s and recently confined to a wheelchair. In her 70s, Missus is proud of the risk her husband took 10 years earlier when they experienced one winter too many and hopped in the car for the long drive to the west coast. Even though their children and grandchildren are back east, they’re happy with the move.

Much the same story with a native New Yorker we met a few days later. A retired merchant mariner, he too was looking to escape the literal and sometimes figurative cold of the northeast. He was certainly warming up to Nellie and Noah’s smiles as we bused our way to our last zoo adventure.

Then there was the Italian grandma who was watching and protective of Noah as we waited for the bus to take us to Seaworld. She said repeatedly that he was beautiful and so intelligent for his age. Whenever she got a chance, she would reach out and lightly touch him. It was great to see the happiness our little lad was able to bring to complete strangers.

The children frequently inspire this kind of reaction but it’s not like that all the time. When there is something of a spectacular nature underway like drumming, singing and native dancing eyes are focused elsewhere. That’s just what happened at American Indian Days at Balbao Park. It was wonderful to see the fancy dancing and hear the pulsating drum. Nellie took it all in while big brother snoozed away in the Phil and Ted’s stroller. Maman cruised the crafts and picked up a lovely sweater from Paddington’s deepest, darkest Peru. Papa just enjoyed the beat, the colour and the one world feel.

The SanD time is slipping away. Only a few days left in our cramped but cozy room. We’ll continue to make our adventure memorable, to create moments of magic for ourselves and hopefully for others we meet along the way.


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