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Llamas in the streets, surf on the beach and panninis in the belly

Posted by PlayGroundology on May 10, 2008

OB marketPut a hold on early Wednesday evenings for the weekly Ocean Beach market. It’s about 3 city blocks long on both sides of Newport Avenue in a once hippified and still funky part of the city. It’s kidsville at the top end of this outdoor strip with llama rides – 3 on duty the evening we passed by and a short line of kids waiting to hop on – and a pre-fabricated inflatable jumping area. On the bottom end as the stalls dwindle there is the ‘no swimming’ beach, lots of surfers in the water and small groups of pelicans flying over the Ocean Beach Pier.

In between, there’s a little bit of everything with an accent on food and hand fashioned crafts – clothing, hats, jewelry and much more. There’s food representing a variety of cultures from east Africa, the Caribbean and in keeping with the fusion of nations, a couple of guys from France making delectable panninis.

This was a great night for our little Noah-David as he visited the beach and ran to escape the lapping waves. Dull stuff after his triumphant llama ride perhaps but loads of fun just the same. He also made a great ambassador for the lads from France as he waited patiently with lolling tongue and longing eyes peering over the top of their counter waiting for a pannini with his name on it to fill his belly.

We’ll be back at the OB market when next Wednesday rolls around.


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