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Waterfalls, rocks and sky train

Posted by PlayGroundology on May 9, 2008

We meet againThe SanD Zoo was a tearful expedition. Our Noah-David was more interested in sighting waterfalls and picking up small rocks along the paths than taking in the incredible variety of animal life on display. I think tiredness was still a factor in his underwhelming embrace.

Located in Balboa Park, the zoo was easy to get to by public transit – just one transfer for us after the 923, our home ride. It reminded me of 3 other great zoos I’ve had a chance to visit over the years – Edinburgh, London and Toronto. Hills to climb, golf carts to give you a lift, the sky train for the bird’s eye view and of course the animals.

With the tears and tiredness we cut our visit short. We did witness 2 hippos in their 20s engaged in extreme motionless underwater dance, a graceful ballet comprised of breathing and limiting movement to the area above the neck. The gorillas were active eating leaves and walking about, a large male sunning on his back, limbs akimbo reaching for the sky. WWF’s mascots, the pandas with their dirt encrusted butts, one of them high in a tree resting – far from the madding crowds I’m sure – were a favourite with the homo sapiens crew who were being shepherded through in a long line.

Tip – purchase the 3 for 1 pass if you’re here for a few days. This will get you into the zoo, the wild animal park and seaworld over a 5-day period. Great value, great fun.


One Response to “Waterfalls, rocks and sky train”

  1. […] Noah was fully engaged throughout and captivated by the variety of animals and cameo appearances of waterfalls, always a big favourite of his. In terms of his attention, I think it was a plus that there was no […]

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