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En famille at Point Loma

Posted by PlayGroundology on May 8, 2008

Point Loma HI courtyardThere goes the 3h57. Looks like you can put that one in the bank every morning – a real high decibel cock crow.

Noah-David was just all snuggled up with me butt first into my chest, his little arms hugging teddy as he shifted and tossed looking for that special comfort zone. We’re bunk mates on this trip in the lower wide berth unit – lots of room to stretch and wriggle and a great play surface during waking hours. Mélanie and Nellie-Rose are in the nose bleed, skinny single right above us. Their space is coveted real estate for Noah – it’s where he’d really like to be – peering out over all he can survey. His topside excursions have been limited just enough to satisfy his curiosity.

Hostelling en famille is not for everyone. Creature comforts that are standard in most hotels are absent – restaurants, swimming pools and exercise rooms, valet service, wake up calls and general pampering. For the fastidious and particular it’s worth noting that private washrooms are a rarity in the hostelling world. If you’re shy, or squeamish this shared toilet situation may not be for you. In fact, before you go check to see if there are any hostels at your destination that welcome families. In SanD, that’s just one of the three that are members of Hostelling International.

Our room is a little cramped and requires frequent tidying and attention, read constant or else it becomes a smorgasbord of dirty clothes, matchbox cars, coats, shoes, books, bags of food all beautifully presented on the floor.  I wouldn’t want to be confined to the 80 or so sq. ft. for consecutive days of rain but as a home base it’s really working well for us. To date there have been no security issues and most importantly we feel comfortable in our skins.

There are no baths at Point Loma. This is a tad inconvenient for us as the lad doesn’t like showers. He hasn’t had thorough washing since we left Halifax. On the other hand the kitchen is superb – 2 stoves, 2 double sinks, a huge fridge and enough counter space for 5 or 6 people to be preparing meals at the same time. There is also lots of room to move around and more than sufficient pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, cups and glasses, etc. It is really well equipped and everyone does a good job keeping things clean.

There are some nice small touches for the kids too. A wooden doll house complete with furniture and figurines, children’s books, some plush buddies, a tricycle, a little red and yellow plastic push car that toddlers can sit on and make go and let’s not forget the planes that take off every 3 minutes. I would rate Point Loma very highly on the kid friendly scale.


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