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Topping Up

Posted by PlayGroundology on May 7, 2008

The 3h57 to destinations unknown has just tracked overhead with its too loud for residential soundbursts crowding out everything else in the pre-dawn quiet. At least it’s not a booming Concorde supersonic or a screaming F-16 Falcon shattering the silence.

There are benefits to being on the SanD International Airport flight path. It’s a veritable avionics fiesta for Noah-David. Yesterday afternoon at 3 minute intervals there was an animated exclamation, “avion, avion – un autre”. While this was seemingly an endlessly engaging auditory and aerial display for our lad, it’s newness paled for us after the first 10 or 15 sightings. Who knows what will come of it all. Perhaps like Robert Munsch’s Julie he’ll find himself sitting someday in the pilot’s seat looking down at a little boy just like him, smiling face and eyes to the sky – tout emerveillé…..

Yesterday was all about recharging, topping up after the continental trek. Nellie-Rose was the one who adjusted best. It was like she didn’t miss a beat, or was that a breast? Just give her some of maman’s best on demand and a cozy nook – arms, stroller, cocoon, bed – to snooze and she is well fine to be our cute as a button little Nellie. It’s thanks to this little spirit soul that papa is able to experience a 6 month stint of full-time parenting – the good, the bad and the poopy. Our former colic queen becomes more adorable with each passing day – her beguiling expressions, her mischievous bobs and weaves, her inquisitive eyes that follow minutely every move her older brother takes. Thank you Nellie-Rose for this gift.

Our top up recipe for the day was pretty simple – stick close to home base, eat well and rest whenever you can slip in a few zzzzzzs. We did pretty well on all counts. The Stump Family grocery store is just a 3 minute walk away. After our complimentary hostel pancakes, we flipped over to Stump’s and did our daily food buy. We filled our basket with succulent strawberries for $0.99 a pint, sugary sweet cantaloupe, organic bananas and a mango yet to be savoured.

The local public library was our à la carte adventure of the day. It’s one block away just across from the Stump’s strip mall. It has a great children’s area with a wooden ship whose interior is a play and reading space. We arrived just as a story time was about to get underway. Noah and I danced, hopped, clapped and sang along to some favourite kids’ tunes and sat down for a rendition of The Wheels on the Bus. As those wheels go round and round and round so did our need to take a ride to the land of nod. It was a good afternoon nap – thanks Mélanie for letting me crash next to our little Noah-David who also needed to sleep so desperately.

It was an early night and again an early morning. Who knows what today will hold for us in SanD.


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