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Science Notes

Posted by PlayGroundology on May 6, 2008

A little this morning about the Cordeau-Smith Theory of Inverse Proportions. This discovery, relatively new to us, is named in honour of our son Noah-David and will be familiar to many parents. Please note that these findings are not the result of controlled experiments. The observations and subsequent hypothesizing are drawn directly from real life situations.

Take one 2 ½-year-old, confine in a small space hurtling through the atmosphere at altitudes of up to 30,000 feet (10,000 metres for us Canucks) across one continent and then bring to ground for a fitful sleep – 5 hours after the standard bedtime. Wake early and repeat.

No seriously, on waking try and tap into the deceivingly boundless energy as young lad watches airplanes landing right before his very eyes at intervals of approximately every 3 minutes. It’s now 7h30 just over an hour later than his usual wake up after a full night’s sleep. If this energy could be stored like solar or wind power it might just help see us grown ups through the day with a bit more zippety-doo. But that Nobel Prize winning breakthrough has not yet arrived at a planet near us.

This is travel day 2 – we’re now looking back from the vantage point of another day’s sleep after arriving at notre nouvelle maison (our new house). On this day, Noah-David pretty much disdains any suggestions about eating or sleeping. He is apparently deriving his nourishment from the air he breathes, his repeated apple juice hits and the almost constant new experiential excitement. The more insistent we become, the more entrenched and obdurate is his reaction – the classic case of like forces repelling. And as there’s not much going into that little digestive system, there’s not much coming out.

Dad and Mom are just about exhilarated to exhaustion desperately seeking some shut eye. However, wonder boy, our champion makes it next to impossible, you know the place, it’s right next door to it’ll never happen. His little clock keeps ticking all day long running him through laughter, tears, dancing, catnaps, fatigue and laughter again. What a joy he is. Already beating his own drum, or in his case as he would correct – tam-tam. Let the SanD adventure begin and we’ll see if we can’t do better with the whole inverse proportions thing. Now that we’re relatively stationary in one time zone, it should be a lot easier.


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