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Surfliner, USA

Posted by PlayGroundology on May 5, 2008

The 24-hour rally  and then some started again this morning. The few hours of sleep just made us hungry for more. Apparently I slept in because the 5h30 up and at ‘em was clocking in at 9h30 out east. With the two kiddies whacked out of their time zones and ma and pa whistling the sleep deprivation blues this day was all about endurance – get us to our destination please without doing any grievous harm to each other, or scaring the bejeezus out of the kids with our less than normal antics.

Let me say this about that – the kids have been extraordinary. Us two older types have yanked them out of their routines and catapulted them into a sensory merry go round with most of the emphasis, most of the time on the merry part of the ride. But there was some toing and fraying of nerves earlier today when our tiredness overtook common sense and when the overexcited exuberance of a two-year old could not be contained.

We did the hotel shuttle, airport express, amtrak surfliner and the san diego 293 public transit special to finally arrive after a short ass draggin’ walk at the Point Loma Hostel, a family friendly place to rest our weary heads….

On the way today, lots of kindness helping us find our way around. Bus drivers, passersby, fellow passengers all helped, extended themselves. A number of remarks and few phrases of French were bandied about when strangers heard us speaking. One guy was getting ready for Cannes. As my wife said go to Nova Scotia and meet a fisherman – go to LA and meet a director. Exactly what happened on the airport shuttle. Kenny Golde, director of Uncross the Stars with Barbara Hershey, thought he’d practice his French with us and a very credible job he did. Then the transit riders in SanD helping us with our baggage and passed on coupons for freebies at the local co-op store.

We’re here, it’s late. Family is in bed. Time for me to beat a path to siestaville and revive this tired old body.


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